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What About Socialization?

The second and most consistently asked question

You may be asking yourself then, well if this is such a consistently asked question, why didn't we place the information on the main page? Why relegate the socialization question to the "More Info" area?

The answer is simple - The idea that homeschoolers are not properly socialized is a MYTH!!! And giving it any more attention than as a side note, is an injustice to all the families that work diligently to give their kids the well rounded social and academic opportunities available to all homeschoolers.

The myth that homeschooled children are unsocialized continues to permeate even though it's been long proven to be untrue. The images of homeschoolers who never leave their homes could not be more inaccurate. In reality, the average homeschooler is quite active and tends to be involved in multiple activities outside the home.

  • Homeschoolers are usually very involved with their community, regularly participating in community based service projects and other volunteering opportunities.
  • As members of a local homeschool support group, homeschoolers participate in daily or weekly field trips, homeschool classes, science programs, co-ops and other organized meetups.
  • Homeschoolers are not limited to socializing only with peers of their own age as what happens in a public school setting. Parents search for places to go, things to do and people to meet. This ensures that their children get an opportunity to interact with people of all ages.

Research, starting back in the early 1980s, backs up the assertion that homeschoolers are well socialized:

Still not convinced? Check out these other studies regarding Homeschoolers and Socialization.

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