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About Crossing Over to Homeschooling

Hi everyone! And thank you for visiting our site. Our names are Christine and Genette. After years of unresolved issues while in the public school system, we looked to homeschooling in hopes of finding a better way to educate our children.

Each of us has our own story to tell about how we came to homeschooling. Some parts are funny, some parts scary, some parts down right frustrating and infuriating. We found that the one thing we both had in common (and still hear almost daily from other families) was that there is a lack of organized, searchable, reliable information about how to get started, where to find support, or how to discover the best way your child might learn and retain the material.

We know all too well how scary it is to take that first step and how every time you think you have found your footing, your child seems to throw you a curveball. It was with this thought we started a Facebook group called "Crossing Over to Homeschooling" so we could help other families as they moved through this wonderful, scary, exciting journey called homeschooling.

We were overwhelmed! Our group grew exponentially every month with more and more families coming to homeschooling. People were joining for many reasons: It could be due to the strange or inconceivable actions of school administrations, the developmentally inappropriate lessons stemming from the latest set of standards called the “Common Core State Standards,” or just the desire to be more involved in our children’s upbringings. But one thing is absolutely clear…. families are searching for a more meaningful alternative for educating their children.

We are observing how quickly the homeschool population is growing. So much so, we believe we are witnessing the beginning of a homeschool renaissance in America. This idea that parents are the best teachers, that one on one learning is best, is exciting and wonderful. But we also knew the struggles that came with taking those first steps. We didn’t want other families to struggle the way we did. We knew if there was a place parents could go to find accurate and reliable information, support, and some good examples of how other families have found success then they might feel inspired to take that next step.

It is very important to us that families making this life decision have the best resources available. We want to provide a well organized and easy to navigate website, free of the overwhelming and overbearing advertising or affiliate links, where families are able to research the homeschooling laws and find local support, but we also want to offer more than that!

Every single item that you find on our site represents the things we wish we'd had in one place when we started our homeschool journey.

We were fortunate to have awesome homeschooling mentors when we first started homeschooling. We know not everyone is that fortunate to have someone there to hold our hands, give us great advice and encourage us through the good days and the bad. It was for this reason, we started Crossing Over to Homeschooling. We wanted to bring that "mentor wisdom," the encouragement, the ideas, and support to all homeschool parents.

We thank you for spending your valuable time perusing our website and we hope that your membership, and the resources that come with it, will be a benefit for you and your family.

In order to demonstrate why we have been so inspired to build this website we have compiled some testimonials regarding how much the Crossing Over to Homeschooling Facebook® group has helped them through this process:

When I was thinking about pulling my kids out of school I had no clue homeschooling even existed. By some miracle I found the group, Crossing Over to Homeschooling. I had trusted the public school system and they failed me and my children. If I had not found this group I would have done something way off course. To this day my only regret is not finding this group sooner so I may have started homeschooling sooner. You all have been a blessing in my life and my children. Thank you.
~Anjoli, July 2015
There will always be ups and down, and Crossing Over to Homeschooling provides a place to seek wisdom, advice, inspiration, and friendship, to ask questions about the simple to the serious, from your favorite number two pencil to state laws and regulations. This group is another important resource for me in my homeschooling arsenal! I was invited to join Crossing Over to Homeschooling by one of its founders at pretty much its inception. It’s wonderful to have a group of people to share this homeschooling journey with. This group accepts all walks of life, all religions, and all “types” of homeschoolers. There is a plethora of knowledge and experience to be gained from all the active members. Some are new to the journey, and some have already graduated their students; some members are traditional and classical homeschoolers, some are unschoolers. Everyone has a voice in this group and a lot can be learned from simply listening. Crossing Over to Homeschooling reaffirms for me, from time to time, that I’m not alone on this journey, that there will be bad days along with the fantastic ones.
~Tarra, July 2015
If I didn't have these resources and support from Crossing Over to Homeschooling, I know for sure we would have accomplished less, and, at 50 years old, I’d be so much more tired than I am now. But more importantly, I know that Noah would not be working on a piloting license, he would not have scored extremely well on his tests, and he would NOT be heading off to culinary school at Camp Pendleton. You see, because he is autistic, very few people believed that Noah could accomplish any of this. I was discouraged and told not to try! Because of homeschooling, this summer Noah is fulfilling his dreams and is an apprentice aboard the USS American Victory as an Engineer, and like I said above, he has even more to look forward to! WE DID IT! So you tell me, do we really have to accept what the mainstream schools tell us or do we go out and find how they learn? I can't thank you enough for sharing your resources and your friendship. And to see my son get up, get ready and succeed means more to me than I can express. New parents! Jump in - free fall - we’ve got you!
~Tai, July 2015
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