Can I Really Homeschool for Free?

Well……truthfully the answer is no, not completely. Homeschooling does have a cost. Whether it's the co-op class, the entrance fee to the local science museum, or the cost for all the great field trips and activities your child participates in, there is always some cost involved.

The real question you want an answer to is … Is it possible to successfully homeschool without having to buy a pre-packaged, an all-in-one, a boxed, or an online paid curriculum?

The short answer is YES.

Unfortunately though, while there is little monetary cost involved, (aside from the cost of ink and paper), you can spend hours upon hours of your valuable time trying to search for these resources. It's this time cost involved, taking precious time away from our families, that send most of us back to the store buying a pre-packaged program because it's easier and it's faster. We would rather remove parts of a program we don't like or do quick searches for enhancement material than to spend what little free time we have searching the Internet just to save a few dollars.

Wouldn't it be so great if there was an easier way to search for all the educational materials available online? And what if we could filter those results by subject or grade level?

We have done exactly that!!!

We have scoured the Internet for as many online resources that offer printable materials, digital downloads, educational games, online quizzes, online virtual courses and a host of other educational related material. All organized by grade and subject! With over 700 links (and more being added every day), you'll be able to find that perfect resource in minutes, not hours!

Our members can access this using our Homeschooling Resources Finder.